What Does an Audiologist Do?

Most people don’t give an audiologist a second thought, until they develop a hearing problem. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss in Burbank, you’ll be getting to know your audiologist pretty well, so it’s a good idea if you know exactly what he or she does. After all, an audiologist is more than just a person who looks inside your ear canals. They have a wide range of responsibilities, some of which will probably surprise you!

Definition of an Audiologist

audiologist looking in an ear

Your Burbank audiologist is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of hearing and balance disorders. They most likely possess a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) degree but might instead have a master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited university. No matter the degree, you can be sure your audiologist has received thorough training in the prevention, identification, assessment and treatment of a wide variety of hearing and balance disorders. They will have completed an internship, passed a national competency exam and obtained professional certification and licensing in California and any other state(s) in which they practice.

The Many Roles of an Audiologist

Audiologists in Burbank do a lot more than just examine ears. They have many responsibilities, any or all of which they might be involved with on a typical day. These include:

  • Identify, test, diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders and tinnitus.
  • Counsel and educate patients and their families about hearing health, management strategies and improved communication methods.
  • Assess candidacy for hearing aids, cochlear implants and other implantable hearing devices.
  • Manage audiologic rehabilitation programs including speech reading, language development and communication skills.
  • Evaluate and treat patients suffering from central auditory processing disorders.
  • Develop and implement hearing conservation programs for employers, schools and other professional organizations.
  • Supervise and conduct newborn hearing screenings.
  • Recommend, dispense, fit and program hearing aids and assistive listening devices for patients of all ages.
  • Examine the ear canals and eardrum to eliminate excess earwax.
  • Make custom earmolds from impressions of ear canals.
  • Assist surgeons with ear-related medical procedures.

Where Audiologists in Burbank are Employed

Audiologists in Burbank work in a wide range of settings. They find employment in hospitals, clinics, private practices, primary schools and universities, hearing aid dispensaries, VA clinics and other locations.

Now that you have a better understanding of everything your audiologist does, you can appreciate that they are uniquely qualified to help manage hearing loss and balance disorders. Contact a Burbank audiologist today if you are experiencing problems with hearing or balance.