The Relationship Between Osteoporosis & Hearing Loss

x-ray of a hand

Individuals with osteoporosis in Burbank must contend with fragile bones that make the possibility of a fracture or other serious injury more likely. A little-known side effect of the bone disease is hearing loss. What Causes Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone density disease that causes weakened, fragile bones that can break easily. It affects an […]

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Is Thanksgiving a Good Time to Discuss Hearing Loss?

Felt turkey Thanksgiving decoration

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays—especially when that home is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of turkey roasting in the oven. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when families gather to celebrate, and often marks the rare occasion when people from near and far find themselves together in the same room. Over the […]

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Untreated Hearing Loss Increases the Risk of Loneliness

man holding up a sad face

Burbank residents with hearing loss are more likely to experience a variety of physical, social and psychological health problems, especially if they don’t seek treatment for their impairment. The risks are well-documented, though some are more surprising than others. The link between hearing loss and loneliness is one such example. The Health Risks of Untreated […]

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Are Essential Oils a Cure-All for Hearing & Balance Issues?

essential oil on a table with plants

Essential oils have been popular in Burbank for years. People use them to help reduce stress and anxiety, aid in digestion or just to make their homes smell good. Their purported health benefits are numerous; some swear essential oils can even help reverse hearing and balance disorders. Is there any truth to these claims? The […]

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Hearing Impairment, Childhood Literacy and Burbank Audiology Center

Children who visit the Burbank Audiology Center office will find a “book tree” full of engaging, exciting and educational reading opportunities. Dr. Frintner and her staff encourage young patients to choose a book from the shelves that sparks their interest and curiosity and take it home, free of charge. Not only does this give children […]

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