Dr. Mary L. Frintner was nominated for the 2022 Oticon Focus on People Awards

Dr. Mary L. Frintner, owner and audiologist at Burbank Audiology Center, has been selected as a finalist in the 2022 Oticon Focus on People Awards, a national competition recognizing individuals who are helping to change perceptions of what it means to live with hearing loss. You can cast Your Vote Online at Oticon.com/FOP now through […]

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Burbank Audiology Center Gives Back: Hearing Aids for Ukraine Siblings

Burbank Audiology Center’s Dr. Mary Frintner has been featured in a local online publication for her heartfelt gift to two Ukrainian siblings in need. In July, Rick Assad from the local online news outlet MyBurbank.com reported on in the gift and Dr. Frintner’s commitment to quality, passionate care as the owner of Burbank Audiology Center. […]

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Balance and Hearing Resource Center Update

After serving the La Canada and Foothills community since 2004, Balance and Hearing Resource Center has recently learned the building we are located in has been sold, and we are closing this location. While we are working on finding a long-term solution to remain in La Canada Flintridge, we are asking our Balance and Hearing […]

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Dining Out with Hearing Loss

noisy restaurant

Going out to dinner with friends and loved ones is an enjoyable social experience. But for those with hearing loss, a casual get-together can be stressful. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure your next dinner out will be free of frustration for you and your guests. Select the Right Restaurant Picking a quiet place […]

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The Relationship Between Osteoporosis & Hearing Loss

x-ray of a hand

Individuals with osteoporosis in Burbank must contend with fragile bones that make the possibility of a fracture or other serious injury more likely. A little-known side effect of the bone disease is hearing loss. What Causes Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone density disease that causes weakened, fragile bones that can break easily. It affects an […]

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