Advocate for Your Hearing-Impaired Coworkers

coworkers having a meeting

People with hearing loss in Burbank face challenges in all aspects of their daily lives. For those in the workforce, performing routine tasks can be trying. Learn to be a better colleague by advocating for your hearing-impaired coworkers. It’s easier than you think. Hearing Loss in the Workplace Many people associate hearing loss with the […]

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How Prevalent is Tinnitus in California?

bells ringing

When residents and visitors think about California, they associate many things with the Golden State; sunshine, crashing waves, snow-capped mountains and celebrities are a few things that immediately come to mind. Few people would mention tinnitus, but this ringing in the ears is more common in Burbank and other locales throughout the state than you […]

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Taking Flight: Airline Travel Tips for Those with Hearing Loss

person walking through an airport

Airline travel doesn’t exactly rank up there on most people’s lists of favorite activities. Whether you’re flying out of Bob Hope Airport or LAX, you are going to have to contend with traffic on the way there, not to mention security checkpoints, overzealous TSA agents, cramped seating and the possibility of overbooked flights. It’s enough […]

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Join Us in Celebrating our Three Year Anniversary

We are celebrating three years in Burbank! Will your ear be the 1000th ear to be fitted for a hearing aid? Dr. Mary Frintner has more than 30 years of experience evaluating and treating hearing loss. She has served hearing impaired patients in the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and the Greater Los Angeles […]

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Surprise! Hearing Loss Causes You Might Be Unaware Of.

Loud concert

Hearing loss is one of the most common physical health conditions in the U.S. Approximately one out of every five people in Burbank experiences hearing loss to some degree. Most of us are probably aware of the most common causes of hearing loss – but there are others that might surprise you. Aging and Noise: […]

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