Hearing Impairment, Childhood Literacy and Burbank Audiology Center

Children who visit the Burbank Audiology Center office will find a “book tree” full of engaging, exciting and educational reading opportunities. Dr. Frintner and her staff encourage young patients to choose a book from the shelves that sparks their interest and curiosity and take it home, free of charge. Not only does this give children […]

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Hearing Loss Red Flags

Red flag with help spelled out with matches

People with hearing loss in Burbank aren’t always aware of their condition, and this can lead to problems. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to a variety of physical, psychological and social side effects. The sooner you recognize the signs, the more likely you are to avoid these potentially debilitating side effects. Hearing Loss Develops […]

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What Does an Audiologist Do?

audiologist looking in an ear

Most people don’t give an audiologist a second thought, until they develop a hearing problem. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss in Burbank, you’ll be getting to know your audiologist pretty well, so it’s a good idea if you know exactly what he or she does. After all, an audiologist is more than just […]

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A Partnership Between HearAid Foundation & Burbank Audiology Center

Extraordinarily, the vast majority of insurance providers do not cover hearing devices and services, deeming them not medically necessary. Families are left to cover the financial responsibility of hearing devices and services themselves. While some may qualify for government assistance, it can take months to materialize, if at all. This is unacceptable in the case […]

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Protect Your Hearing in Burbank this Summer

child eating a watermelon

Now that summer is officially here, many people in Burbank will take full advantage of all the season has to offer. Granted, our weather isn’t nearly as extreme as that in Fargo, for instance. But we still tend to flock to the great outdoors once summertime rolls around; doing so can prove hazardous to our […]

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