Research studies have found that individuals with untreated hearing loss in all age groups may be at risk for social withdrawal and depression. Use the following depression self-screener if you or someone you care for is experiencing mental health problems as a result of hearing loss.


Over the past 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? Not At All Several Days More Than Half the Days Nearly everyday
1. Little interest or pleasure doing things 0 1 2 3
2. Feeling down, depressed or hopeless 0 1 2 3
3. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping to much 0 1 2 3
4. Feeling tired or having little energy 0 1 2 3
5. Poor appetite or overeating 0 1 2 3
6. Feeling bad about yourself (e.g. that you’re a failure or have let yourself or your family down) 0 1 2 3
7.Trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching television 0 1 2 3
8. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed. Or the opposite, being so fidgety or restless  that you have been moving around a lot more than usual 0 1 2 3
9. Thoughts that you would be better off dead or hurting yourself in some way 0 1 2 3


Column totals              +            +                  


Add totals together =                           

If you checked off any problems, how difficult have those problems made it for you to work, take care of things at home, or get along with other people?

[] Not difficult     [] Somewhat difficult    [] Very difficult        [] Extremely difficult

Score:      Provisional diagnosis

1-9           Minimal symptoms

10-14       Minor depression

15-19       Major depression, moderately severe

20<         Major depression, severe


Please note, this is simply a screening tool. The responses to the above questions may indicate the presence of depression; however, only a qualified health professional can diagnose and treat depression. This tool should not be used in place of a consultation with a health professional. Please contact our office at (818) 859-7730 for a list of experienced mental health professionals in the greater Los Angeles area.

If you are having a mental health emergency, please call 911 immediately.