Every hearing aid is a device that uses the same basic parts to digitally bring sound into the ear and amplify it, but hearing aids come in different styles with lots of design differences. There are four main styles.

completely in the canal (CIC) Hearing Aids The completely in the canal (CIC) and mini CIC are molded to fit your ear canal and improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

in the canal (ITC) Hearing Aids The in the canal (ITC) is custom molded fitting partly in the ear canal and improves mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

in the ear (ITE) Hearing Aids The in the ear (ITE) is custom made in two versions: one that fills most of the outer ear or one that fills only the lower part. Both styles improve hearing for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

behind the ear (BTE) Hearing Aids The behind the ear (BTE) hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear with the receiver in the ear. People of all ages with any level of hearing loss can use this style. This style also comes in an open fit version that keeps the ear canal open to allow for low-frequency sounds to enter the ear naturally while amplifying high-frequency sounds.

There are also extended-wear hearing aids and middle ear implants. Extended-wear hearing aids are non-surgically placed in the ear by an audiologist and worn for several months without removal. Middle ear implants are surgically implanted in the space behind the eardrum and vibrate the middle ear.

If you have been prescribed a hearing aid for your hearing loss, you should discuss your hearing needs and expectations with your audiologist to find the best hearing aid style for you. Please contact our office at (818) 859-7730 to schedule an appointment with our audiologist.