A Partnership Between HearAid Foundation & Burbank Audiology Center

Extraordinarily, the vast majority of insurance providers do not cover hearing devices and services, deeming them not medically necessary. Families are left to cover the financial responsibility of hearing devices and services themselves. While some may qualify for government assistance, it can take months to materialize, if at all. This is unacceptable in the case of a small child when every day of hearing is critical to development. Often, adults who need help hearing do not qualify for government assistance and cannot afford the price of the devices or services.

For these reasons, Dr. Mary L. Frintner and the team at Burbank Audiology Center partnered with HearAid Foundation, an organization that has been helping those in need for over a decade.

Why we partner with HearAid Foundation

Quality and immediacy are top priority for HearAid Foundation.

HearAid Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping people hear as well and as quickly as possible. Established in 2009 in Orange County, California, HearAid Foundation serves children and adults who are in need of immediate hearing intervention, with a high standard of care to ensure that each patient doesn’t get just any hearing devices, but gets the right hearing devices and solutions under the care of a doctor.

HearAid Foundation works with hearing professionals and accept referrals from doctors, schools, social workers, hospitals, assisted living centers and even individuals to identify underfunded people with hearing loss who need hearing aids or services. The potential beneficiary (or their parent), with the help of a hearing professional, fills out a straightforward application for assistance and submits it to HearAid Foundation. Qualified recipients can receive assistance immediately or within days of application approval.

No delay of many critical months.

No red tape.

How It Works


HearAid Foundation recipients must provide income information and fill out a simple application to be eligible for consideration. A tax return or other proof of income level is required at the time you submit your application.

Click here for a Recipient Application Form.

Device Donors

In addition to cash and in-kind donations, HearAid Foundation accept hearing aids and other assistive devices that are new or in good repair. All donations are tax deductible. Devices can be mailed to HearAid Foundation, if preferred. They will provide a letter of receipt for your records.

Click here for a Device Donation Form.

Since 2000, Dr. Mary L. Frintner and the team at Burbank Audiology Center has served hearing impaired patients of the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and Greater Los Angeles communities. Our services focus on newborn hearing screenings, pediatric and adult hearing tests, hearing aids and implants and pediatric audiology resources. We strive to help our patients improve their hearing and speech in addition to providing support for their families.

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact our office at (818) 859-7730 to schedule an appointment.